Event Planning 

As the President and Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for the University of Oregon's Student Activities Board (SAB) I was able to implement and improve social media engagement strategies, advertise our 6 teams and events on campus, and additionally, plan events and giveaways open to the student body. The following showcase some events I planned and their importance to the success of our brand identity.

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2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Watch PArty | Winter 2018

With an allotted budget of $5,000.00, I was asked to put on an event open to the student body in the Winter of 2018. With help from my team members, we were able to create a fun experience in our brand new, student union, utilizing high-trafficked space on campus. For the event, we streamed the ceremony on large screens , with both stadium and couch seating, decorated the entire area in Olympics themed items, provided catering of build-your-own Korean bowls (to showcase the host country's food), set up a Photo Booth, partnered with other programs like Korean Student Association and Global Education Oregon to table at our event, had traditional Korean games, and gave away free prizes.

The event was advertised through the creation of a Facebook event, Facebook and Instagram boosts, shared posts on social through our teams and partnering organizations, digital screens around campus, emails to student body, traditional posters and physical materials, and showcased at other team events prior to the date.


Student Activities Board Info Fair | Fall 2017

The SAB held an info fair at the beginning of the year in hopes to spread information about the organization, the different teams, and their events. My job was to plan this event through the university and the goal was to establish brand identity, increase social media presence, increase attendance at future events, and build a community relationship with the university. This organization's start up has been in the works for a few years so we wanted to make a presence at the beginning of the year in hopes to attract new and transfer students looking for groups to join and things to go to. I rented out the large amphitheater space in the heart of campus in front of our student union, had fun music playing, each team tabling and recruiting, decorations, bubble machine, candy and giveaways with our logo and social media handles on them. There was a system set up of talking to at least three teams for students to be given free Voodoo Doughnuts or Falling Sky Pizza. This was a big hit as those items are a novelty for many students new to the area.

This event was advertised at the Week of Welcome Flock Party through flyers, in person-communication, a social media contest, posts on social before, during, and after the events through different social features.