Xhosa for Crop Over 


Originating from Trinidad and Tobago, Troy Elias, decided to have his J460, Ad + Culture class design campaigns that would highlight the specific "band" of Xhosa for Crop Over. As Crop Over is a cultural explosion of music, costume, and fun, the goal was for students to reach a global audience, and for others to become aware of the travel destination/festival for ANY and ALL to have fun. My media planning skills came in handy when I decided to place non-traditional, experiential ads throughout desired cities. 

Something I recommended: life-size Xhosa costume cut-outs in designated US cities


These ads were specifically placed in cities with younger, working class individuals with a dispensable income and a desire to travel. The hope is that these cutouts would have a high share-ability on the internet and the vibrant colors would cause a conversation on the streets. On the back would be a QR code, website link, and a Xhosa logo to lead individuals to research the cutouts and the event.